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The large canvas pictured above is from a new technique that captures the overall tone of a recent series of small drawings that produced over 2,000 5x7's in a few years and comes as a refinement of drawing elements seen in work dating back to the 1960's, images of samples of this are online at using for the url. This canvas was done as a birthday present in 2009 and is a portrait of Austin Feldman, the Who's Who in Arizona guy, so rare for the artist, with a self-portrait on the left, not very rare as many drawings contain cameos of a self-portrait among the elements.

This new technique works to produce a similar look-and-feel to the small drawings on large canvases, so, this is now the direction of recent work. As always the technique is fast at first to develop the entire canvas, then development of features progresses from that over time and reflection. This sequence was used by Picasso and seems to produce stylistic elements that people recognize as a common reaction to seeing what is being drawn at the time is that it's like his, knowing that disassociation is used so also part of this reaction for sure. With the larger work the technique is now able to support a progression of new work at museum scale and keep its feel which is quite aside from regular paintings, being monotone a large part of that.

A discovery about monotone graphite drawings from creating them in public is that a differing avenue takes over without the emotional ties vision has to colors, being in that respect filtered out but having no color, such that the textures and tones of the scene let the mind's view of the work connect in this particular way. With this series the intent hasn't changed, it presents a litany of emotions and personalities as one person, and as people that implies their introspection is composed of these elements that only show to other people at times if at all, but they are there as real entities in how a person relates to the world.

Color is a very difficult thing to master as a painter for emotions since they mean unique emotional things to everyone in spite of having a general thing like blue is cool and calming versus red. The thing is with creating works the artist is affected by their surroundings, so, in public some places are hateful, rare, others not and to get that down with color in the currency of a bar where turnover is an hour or so becomes impossible to finish a work in time for it to end up coherent in emotional tone. In graphite only they can be finished in a quarter hour in 5x7, snapshots of existence.

Monotone works are very powerful visually.


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