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A Designer's Notebook - From Mind to Matter
Idea, Prototype, Critique, Refine

The process of good design is in thinking it through, over and over, finding out how to make it work in the mind, then on the paper, then made into a prototype where suddenly the aesthetic of the whole is there to see, to touch;
            then the soul of the designer,
                their passion and thoughts,
                    become part of the world.

A Symbol, or a Token Species?
All this work is now dedicated to saving the Polar Bear as a symbolic gesture, part of the Inuit culture it represents the natural balance of the world we need to return to, a powerful, solitary mammal that is ice-dependent to survive. With new satellites & sea buoys the prediction is that the Arctic Ocean will be ice free during the summer within 30-years. Already adolescent bears are drowning trying to swim open water with their mother, perennial sea-ice calving grounds are being lost, two critical factors of survival or extinction. Also, the brown bear has begun to take over polar bear territory as the permafrost melts, the ground cover changing from sedges and lichen to shrubs & stunted spruce. The polar regions of earth are affected most by heating the planet and their residents with a direct family lineage of over 4,000-years have done the least to cause this.

Please consider ways to live that do not use electricity in any form including hybrid cars, most of it comes from burning coal. Of course this isn't practical overall; however, consider that keeping a room warm at night can be from putting a large aquarium or a stack of bricks in a sunny spot in the room.



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