Magnetic motors for fire tankers, replacing steam turbines, selfpowered chargers.

Winding coils or flying kites became machines

Behind a design is Comsol Multiphysics and Solidworks. automation and machines.

Architectural Systems

Wall sections being studied for ease of construction and more.

Tiltup Fireproof Construction

Developed from common materials in composite construction, this layered method is very efficient at R-40 as well.

Algae Purification of Water

All wastewater is the opportunity to use it make biodiesel while purifying it using algae growing designed for the purpose. Toilet water is processed separately from the rest, minerals added for the potable supply.

Restoration Forestry Industrial Machines

Sapling Harvesting

Unthinned sapliings are the cause of any extra heat in wildfires a first tool in the forest are sapling peelers that remove limbs and soft bark and trim the pole using magnetic motors that offer many advantages over fueled machines.

Curved Log Peeler

These handle regular logs with bends for the wooden boatbuilding market as well as furniture, these are portable to the spar platforms and feed portable sawmills specifically for curved lumber.

Limb Monkey

This backpackable robot is put on a tree and it cuts limbs off climbing as high as you like to reduce fires lighting them off on standing timber woodlot or forest parcel.

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